Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Business Website... Part 2

The discussion continues on the top 12 points to keep in mind when designing your new business website. 

So you've mastered that content and professionalism is "king" from the first 6 points to designing your new website. What's left?

7. Make it easy-to-use. The navigation should be easy to maneuver. Branding, email links, phone and social media links should be easily accessible on each page. Text should be easy-to-read and photo galleries should give close-up options. If videos and music are applicable on your site, give the option of a stop or mute button. Keep forms (if necessary) short and simple. The easier your site is to navigate and more visually appealing, the more time clients and potential clients will spend on your site.

8. Differentiate from your competitors. How can you stand out and above your competitors? Be unique... think of creative ways to make your website shine through by offering free downloads or using special offers that just can't be refused.

9. Keep your credibility. If you have to include advertising on your website, make sure it's relevant to your content. Too much advertising can damage your credibility as well as junk up the look of your site. Affiliates you include on your site look like recommendations, so be sure to research these companies and their business practices to ensure that they conduct business professionally.

10. Invest in SEO. What’s the point of having a website if potential clients can’t find you on the internet? Take the time to learn about search engine optimization; or better yet, hire a professional to apply the most creative tactics to ensure that your site is easily accessible on the internet.

11. Incorporate social media. Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, You Tube, etc... stay plugged in and on top of current social media trends to maximize your visibility and client reach.

12. Most of all, LOVE your business. Your business website should show that you love what you do. Once you put your heart into it, your confidence in your products/services will shine through!