Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Emotional Marketing

Identity Brand + Design's Top 5 Emotional Marketing & Advertising Campaigns of 2014

It's that time of year again where we choose our top 5 on-air campaigns that use emotional marketing to promote and sell the brand, product or service of the campaign. If you missed last year's post, here's a refresher on emotional marketing...

Emotional Marketing is used to create a bond between a brand and a consumer by engaging an emotional response in the consumer for the brand... in which the brand is hoping to fulfill a specific need. Storylines, symbolism and imagery, cinematography, music integration, product placement, etc., need to all work together to produce the desired emotional response from the consumer. Elicited responses can range from love, joy, security, elation, reassurance, gratification, and empowerment, to name a few. 

Emotional Marketing also creates a personality for the brand, in which the consumer will recognize and gravitate towards, further developing the bond between the brand and the consumer. Developing a personality for the brand is critical in emotional branding... and it is established over time.

There have been some amazing emotional marketing & advertising campaigns over the past year, and I've managed to compile my top 5 for the year – mostly focusing on animals and family. Hang onto your seat... and bring a few boxes of tissues this time!

#5. St. Vincent's Healthcare – "Holiday"

This spot continues to get a lot of air time despite the fact that it debuted last year at Thanksgiving. An extremely warm and touching piece that focuses on the blessings of the year and how the main character is so very thankful. It's a gift to give someone a second chance at life. Take note of St. Vincent's fantastic tagline – Above. Beyond. Because.– and how it is woven throughout the voiceover.

#4. Mass Mutual – "Check"

Mass Mutual has been running a fantastic campaign, "Who Matters Most", the past year or so with a few different versions. In this piece, this father and son matter most to each other.

#3. Budweiser – "Friends Are Waiting"

Budweiser has had some amazing success the past couple years with their Super Bowl puppy commericals, and this adorable spot for Global Be(er) Responsible Day was met with the same success while communicating an incredibly important message.

#2. St. Vincent's Healthcare – "Cardiology"

St. Vincent's Healthcare makes another appearance on the list with a spot for their cardiology department. A somewhat somber start with the dramatic music and storyline, the tone shifts to a more upbeat, happy ending. Interesting how they incorporated some shots from the dog's point of view to elicit a more emotional response.

#1. Chevrolet – "Maddie"

Our top spot belongs to Chevrolet this year for their piece "Maddie". I honestly cannot watch this spot without tears streaming down my face, and I'm sure all animal lovers can relate. Beautifully crafted and delivers that incredibly emotional response. A Best Friend For Life's Journey. 

When viewing these commercials on the air, do you automatically think of the brand associated with the spot? 

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