Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Using Video On Your Website

Websites have become very competitive in today's market, offering a multitude of media content choices for potential customers. One type of media content that is gaining the most popularity is the use of video.

Video can be a very cost-effective and powerful tool used to communicate with your customers, and when optimized for search engines correctly, it can also help to increase the traffic to your website.

There are a number of benefits to using video on websites. However, when it comes to business and building your brand, we feel that there are 5 key motives to consider when adding video content to your website.

5. Use Video to Set Your Business Apart from Competitors
Despite its growing popularity, not all industries have caught onto using updated, optimized content – let alone using video. Chances are, you'll be able to get your brand in the spotlight by being one of the first in your industry to use video content. This will position you as an industry leader and drive more viewers to your website – and those viewers could potentially convert into more customers.

4. Use Video to Drive More Traffic to Your Website
When providing strategic, quality video content on a regular basis, you will get more traffic to see your new content via repeat visitors and social media shares. Plus, search engines love video content. In a study by Marketing Week, 70% of the top 100 search listings contain video content – as search engines tend to rank websites with video content higher than those without video. Being listed near the top of search results increases your chances of finding new customers.

3. Use Video to Explain the Customer Benefit
Educate your potential customer about your products, services or expertise by using video. Think about it – "How-To" videos are some of the most sought after videos on the web. Plus, videos provide the viewer with a 74% increase in the understanding of a product ( Explaining the customer benefit of your products/services using video will help to build brand trust. 

2. Use Video to Create an Emotional Connection with the Viewer
People tend to look for visuals over written content when searching the web. When video is used correctly on a website to explain the customer benefit, the viewer can read the body language of the subject of the video, which will in turn create an emotional connection that could very well influence the decision to buy the product or services. It makes your brand more personal. 

1. Use Video to Enhance and Build Your Brand
Engage the viewer further with contests or promotions that are geared to promote your products, services and brand that encourage repeat visits to your website. Get your viewers involved with your brand via video testimonials or provide a virtual tour that will enable the viewer to feel as if they are in your location. The real estate industry has been using this technique for years and has proven it to be a very successful tool. This will further the developing relationship and emotional connection, as well as build your brand.

Need more stats? Here's a link to a great infographic about using video for your website.

Here at Identity Brand + Design, we recently launched a new and improved website. We have some new video content that is in the process of being developed, and we're looking forward to sharing them with you real soon!  

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