Monday, December 14, 2015

Emotional Marketing

Our Top 5 Emotional Marketing & Advertising Campaigns of 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year – again – when I get to write about one of my most favorite aspects of television – the commercials. In all seriousness, having worked in the television industry for over 17 years, I was always intrigued by the concepts that were produced to sell and market products: the creative, the humorous, the sexy, the direct sell, and more often than not, the emotional. 

Emotional Marketing is used to create a bond between a brand and a consumer by engaging an emotional response in the consumer for the brand... in which the brand is hoping to fulfill a specific need. Storylines, symbolism and imagery, cinematography, music integration, product placement, etc., all need to work together to produce the desired emotional response from the consumer. Elicited responses can range from love, joy, security, elation, reassurance, gratification, and empowerment, just to name a few. 

Emotional Marketing also creates a personality for the brand, in which the consumer will recognize and gravitate towards, further developing the bond between the brand and the consumer. Developing a personality for the brand is critical in emotional branding... and it is established over time.

There have been some amazing emotional marketing & advertising campaigns over the past year, and I've managed to compile my top 5 for the year. Hang onto your seat... and bring a box of Kleenex!

And speaking of Kleenex...

#5. Kleenex – "Unlikely Best Friends"
This spot focuses on taking a chance and overcoming obstacles. It's a feel-good story with a nice, upbeat score with a very happy ending.

#4. Publix – "Another Day"
Publix has been on a roll the past couple years with some of the best emotional campaigns. This piece is no different, and it spotlights the deep bond of the father-daughter relationship. Very sentimental... and somewhat reminiscent of Steve Martin in "Father of the Bride"... minus the comedy.

#3. Extra Gum – "The Story of Sarah & Juan"
Very creative storyline driving this spot, and a beautiful cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love" performed by Haley Reinhart. Who knew gum could be so powerful?


#2. Fundacion Argentina de Transplante Hepatico – "The Man and the Dog"
Some stories are best depicted through music and visuals. This spot is a perfect example of how the right score can carry a campaign. Does it sound familiar? If you've seen the Disney/Pixar movie "UP", it should. Beautiful composition with an incredibly powerful message.

#1. MetLife – "My Dad is a Liar"
This year's top spot goes to MetLife in Hong Kong. 

A child's future is worth every sacrifice, and I'm sure all parent's can relate. Great acting and directing.

So what kind of emotional reaction, if any, did these examples elicit? Which spots did you identify with the most? The one spot that just missed the top 5 (that has made it in previous years) was the Budweiser Super Bowl Best Buds/Lost Dog 2015 Spot. There's really nothing quite like a story involving an adorable Labrador puppy, majestic Clydesdales and a handsome cowboy. So, as an honorable mention and for your viewing pleasure, here it is...

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