Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Logo Love! Part Deux...

The second installment of our series explaining the how, when
and why of logo design and redesign for business.

So I'm thinking about a logo redesign...

One of the most important aspects in business is whether or not your brand message is reaching your target market.Chances are, your logo will be the first thing consumers identify with when thinking of your brand. Your logo needs to convey your message clearly and all of the values/feelings associated with your brand. Still using the same logo that was designed 20 years ago? Has your business' message evolved over the years? Having difficulty visually differentiating from your competitors? Then it's time to seriously consider a logo redesign.

1. Roll with the changes. If your business has evolved it's brand message, adjusted it's target market, changed it's business name, has recently merged with or made new acquisitions, then it is time to update the logo to reflect the new identity of the business. Remember when Datsun was phased out to form global brand consistency as Nissan in 1981? Seems to have worked out very well for them...


2. Stay up-to-date. If your logo was designed 20 years ago, it's almost guaranteed that it's time for a redesign. Keep your look fresh, innovative and modern to stay ahead of the competition. If you've been in business for awhile, your brand awareness has evolved over the years, and an update to your logo will display that growth and strength in your market. Take Shell, for example, and see how their logo has evolved to stay current with each time period.


3. No copycats. You do not want your target market to confuse your logo with another logo. If you feel that your logo is not unique enough, or has similarities to other logos (see the Sun/Columbia logos below), then an update or redesign is necessary... especially if your logo is being confused with that of your competitors (coffee anyone?). Avoid the potential issues and do a trademark search to ensure that your logo differentiates from the masses. A little too close for comfort...

sun columbia logo samples

starpreya starbucks logo samples

4. Technical issues. If your logo is not working across all media platforms, does not exist in the correct formats, has too many colors, has too many shapes/angles that just don't make sense, contains text that is too hard to read, then it's time to update. The best logos are usually the simplest, most concise and legible that work well both online and in print, and are created with 3 colors or less.

5. Too many negatives. If you're getting negative feedback from your market regarding your logo, then it's definitely time for a change to a logo that better connects with your market. Receiving bad press lately? Change your logo to get a positive boost.

6. Remember me? Logos should be memorable and instantly recognizable. If your logo is complicated, is too long and/or intricate, it will be more difficult to remember. Simplicity is the key to creating effectiveness in a logo redesign.

7. Your logo was not professionally designed... and it shows. Brand and design professionals are highly skilled and trained to navigate target markets and develop logos that encompass the brand message to connect with those specific markets. A lot of research and theory goes into the design and development process that amateurs are just not aware of. Your logo sets the tone for your business, and having a poorly designed logo will hinder your business growth. Investing in a professional logo redesign could be the determining factor in connecting with your market and attaining the success that you wish to achieve.

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