Friday, February 15, 2013

Logo Redesign: A Case Study

The Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football team unveiled a new logo redesign for their franchise last week. 
Was it successful? These are our thoughts...

Overall, the new logo (pictured below), is an improvement from the old version and a step in the right direction. However, as a rebrand to "harness momentum by incorporating bold changes", it seems, in our opinion, to have missed the mark, and resembles more of an "update" than a true "rebrand". The new logo appears a bit soft, incomplete and just not
fierce or strong enough to convince that they are a force to be reckoned with.

1. Fonts. The new font design is better than the old, no question. The angles in the letters provide some movement, but it lacks in commanding attention. The addition of varying letter sizes (J and S of Jaguars) and more angular elements could help with energy and momentum. Incorporating both words to work as one element will also give the sense of unity.

2. The Jaguar. It just feels soft and too round/fluffy, like a house cat. The line weights are a bit confusing. The top of the head should have more defined line weights, bringing out more angles of the bone structure, thus making the icon more bold. Since the line weight of the chin/cheek is so prominent and combined with the black of the mouth, it makes it a bit bottom-heavy. The eyes are said to be the "window to the soul"... and the eyes here are in much need of more definition to draw the viewer in to feel the emotion this logo is supposed to generate. The nose area should display more crinkles as the cat is baring its teeth, which also could use more refinement. The main facial features get lost as they are competing with the spots, and the fluffy ears just don't fit .

3. Color. The color scheme works for the new logo that is shown. However, a bolder, deeper color scheme could work to make the logo look more iconic and powerful. Less white space around the cheek area and ear would also be beneficial. The eyes need to pop with more color. Teal is their team color, but we've never seen a jaguar with a teal tongue, except for their old logo. If the logo was more iconic, the teal tongue would be more successful. Although the Carolina Panthers use a black panther as their logo, maybe investigating the use of a black jaguar would exhibit more strength and distinction.

4. Composition.
The layout hasn't changed at all from the previous logo. Perhaps incorporating all elements (icon & text) to work as one should be attempted to make a more cohesive arrangement. For example, see how the Philadelphia Eagles logo works as a complete unit below. From an unbiased, design and layout viewpoint, the fonts, icon, colors and composition of the Eagles all combine to form one very successful logo.

5. Simplify. The new Jacksonville Jaguars logo looks as if it's getting stuck on being a bit too realistic. Maybe if it were simplified to more of an icon/mark, incorporating the main features or message of the brand, it would be more successful. The Houston Texans did a fantastic job with their iconic look; which incorporates the head of a bull, in deep steel blue, battle red and liberty white; with a lone star... all which reference the flag of Texas and it's rich history.

From a marketing stance, the new Jacksonville Jaguars logo was successful in generating buzz and excitement to look towards the future as the team begins to rebuild with a new coaching staff. However, the real question still remains: will these changes be enough to produce a winning season? What's your opinion?

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